RYLAN RAFFERTY Writer | Director Rylan Rafferty loves horror and comedy–even more when combined. She’s a director and writer; and has edited shows for Disney, Showtime, TBS, and TruTV and assisted on projects for Netflix, IFC, and Adult Swim. She was nominated for an LA Area Emmy Award for Best Informational Series as a Segment Producer. A short film that she wrote/directed/produced, a comedy/horror titled “The Happy Go-Lucky Sunshine Twins,” screened at the Denver Film Festival. She directed four films for the 48 Hour Film Project, winning a Best Writing award. She’s won 5 screenplay awards including finalist at the Screencraft Comedy Competition and Fresh Voices. Rylan currently lassos the humors and horrors of Los Angeles life into her creative projects–between laser pointer time and kibbles with her two athletic kitties.




BRENDAN WALSH Producer | Editor Brendan has worked in cutting rooms for nearly 20 years and now edits comedy features and television. His latest credits include Between Two Ferns: The Movie, Adult Swim’s female-led series Three Busy Debras, and is currently a dialogue editor for Season 5 of Big Mouth. He grew up watching He-Man with a bowl of no-sugar rice puffs, and now enjoys shows that aren’t quite so misogynistic—while still eating those bland cereals. Brendan’s first family cat, Micro, was adopted to prevent his older sister from strangling him to death as a baby. He’s lived with cats ever since (for protection). He believes in the equal value of all sentient beings and is a committed animal rights activist.





BECKY BAIHUI CHEN Director of Photography Becky Baihui Chen is a Chinese cinematographer residing in Los Angeles. Becky believes that film can inspire social change and empower individuals, and her enthusiasm for intimate stories has led her to work on projects all over the world. Some of her notable credits include: Welcome Back (HollyShorts Best Live Action Short Film Winner) Clarity (Mammoth Film Festival Grand Jury Award Winner) La Ruta (Telly Awards Gold Winner) https://www.chenematic.com/







KELLY CURRAN “Lydia” Kelly’s awesome bio.










JUAN ABDIAS GUERRERO “Cult Leader” Juan’s awesome bio.








KRISTEN HENLEY “Bella” Kristen Henley was born and raised in Las Vegas, got an acting degree in Utah, and then chose to join the pack of talented weirdos that is Los Angeles.  Since then she has performed on house improv and sketch teams at iO West, studied at Groundlings, and written and produced sketch comedy videos for Funny or Die. Some notable credits include “Book Club” directed by Suzanne Luna, MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever, and “Coda” written and directed by Zoe Jarman. This summer, Kristen wrote and starred in Story Pirates Dance Class for arts education & media company The Story Pirates, with whom she also directs, teaches, and performs live. Most recently, Kristen wrote and directed short film Anxiety ‘N Me. You can find her through her website kristenhenley.com, Instagram (@hashtagkristenhenley), or in Disneyland on any given (non-covid) day.